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Priima Kaluste is a Finnish furniture manufacturer.

Office furniture, office chairs, service points or even a whole café's equipment will be completed from Priima Kaluste.
All our products are manufactured according to customer needs.

The materials we use are high quality and durable. 
It is important to us that the products delivered to the customer match

customer  needs. We consider customer satisfaction an honor.

Contact us - we will be happy to tell you more about our operations and services.


Office furniture

We have implemented numerous different office spaces from individual office rooms to new modern office complexes. The furniture plan is made in close cooperation with the customer to get the best possible result. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most efficient and practical facilities possible. We also deliver furniture to the finished premises, according to the plans made by the architects.

Our furniture is always made to order.  

The advantage of custom-made furniture is that, for example, pipes that go to the surface can be encased inside the furniture, which makes all the squares usable and stylish.

We also supply our customers with high-quality electric tables. Height-adjustable desks have been shown to significantly reduce the strain on the back and neck, as the user can switch between sitting and standing during the working day. The adjustability also allows the use of office chairs of different heights and the use of the same workstation between people of different sizes. The electric feet we use are high quality and tested products that can withstand even heavy use. Electrically adjustable legs can also be installed on old furniture.

If necessary, we will take the old furniture away with us at no extra charge. Old furniture must be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

Contact us if your office needs an upgrade, needs more storage space, or is building a new office.


Request a quote today, here! 


Office chairs

Our selection includes  various traditional office chair models.

Traditional office chairs are  high quality and durable.

Contact us and we will find an office chair that suits your needs.


Conference and customer chairs

From our chair collection for customer and conference rooms there are certainly chairs to suit every space.

The seating comfort of the chairs is important when choosing chairs.

All the chairs in our collection are very durable and designed for public spaces. The chairs in our collection can also be used in cafes and restaurants.  

Stay in touch with us and we will look for you

chairs to suit your needs.

Request a quote today, here.  

Office furnitures
Office chairs
Conference and customer chairs

Cafeteria and Restaurant Furniture

Are you renovating your cafe or restaurant or setting up a whole new one?

We manufacture various café and restaurant furniture to order. The furniture can be manufactured according to the architect's plan or designed in collaboration with the client.

Cafeteria and restaurant furniture

Service points

We implement bar counters for shops, offices and even restaurants according to either the architect or our own plan. The customer is always involved in the design and selection of materials. All our plans are approved by the customer before final production and assembly.

Our furniture is always made to order. One of the significant advantages of custom-made furniture is that, for example, pipes that go to the surface can be encapsulated inside the furniture, whereby the squares of the space can be utilized.

It is also possible to make various work points for the furniture already at the manufacturing stage, as required.

The furniture is made of appropriate materials and meets the requirements of food hygiene, if necessary.

Total service

Our range of services also includes a service for you who need a complete renovation of your premises.


We carry out a comprehensive renovation of both an individual office room and an entire office building from interior design, furniture design, demolition work, renovation work and related

from accessories to furnishing.

The customer is involved in the design, resulting in the end result

is always in line with wishes and needs.

Our extensive network of partners includes professionals in the fields of interior design, construction, electrical work and HVAC, with whom we create functional, stylish and modern facilities for you.

The service is also available to implement the finished plan. Contact us for myynti(a) and we will search for your destination  the best solution.

Service points
Total service

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Our customers 

Our customers
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